Nightmare on Ethics Street

2011-10-31 19:00:00 - Alaska

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Every attorney’s worst nightmare is to step into an ethical trap.  The scariest ethical dilemmas are those that sneak up from behind and ensnare the normally diligent attorney.  Indeed, “The Thing” that keeps most attorneys awake at night are those problems that we don’t hear coming…those are the problems that make us “Psycho.”  Sean Carter (America’s Funniest Lawyer) and Stuart Teicher (the CLE Performer) use the latest technologies to create a NetShow—an entertaining, but content filled program that’s specifically designed for the web. 

They will impart ethics lessons that will help every attorney develop a “Sixth Sense” to protect you from those scary pitfalls. “The Shining” moment will certainly be the revelation of 10 practical tips that every lawyer could put into practice the moment the program is complete.  By following those tips you’ll have a better chance of staying out of the “Jaws” of the disciplinary committee.  At the very least, you’ll be able to sleep easier and avoid having….”A Nightmare on Ethics Street.”