Staying Within the Lines: Avoiding Ethical Infractions & Penalties

2013-09-09 18:00:00 - Central

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Are you ready for some ethics? To commemorate the start of Monday Night Football, CLE Netshows is airing its next program, Staying Within the Lines: Avoiding Ethical Infractions & Penalties. This unique CLE seminar will be "officiated" by Sean Carter (America's Funniest Lawyer) and Stuart Teicher (the "CLE Performer"), who will demonstrate common ethical infractions and give tips on how to avoid being penalized in your drive to a successful law practice. Among the topics to be discussed:Illegal Motion Practice...Unnecessary Roughness...Delay of Trial...Illegal Substitution of Counsel...False Start of a Law Career...Illegal Formation of a Partnership

  • This is a 60 minute live streaming webcast on legal ethics
  • Attorneys watch the program on their own computer at home or at their office. The program consists of a unique combination of live lecture, supplemented by video clips and interaction (including Q&A) through typed questions.